Responding to COVID-19

Welcome to the WQPHN 2021-2022 Annual Report Highlights. For a printable version of the report, please click here.

COVID Communications

Throughout the year communications played a vital role in keeping communities, staff and health professionals up to date with the latest news, data reports and changes to COVID health advice.

WQPHN continued to inform our communities on a regular basis across a range of communication platforms including Facebook, newsletters, emails, website updates and publications.

Targeted campaigns were aimed at reducing the spread of COVID-19 across our vulnerable communities, including the COVID SAFE TRAVELS OUT WEST Campaign. The campaign included postcards and posters distributed across Western Queensland with key health messages and travelling tips targeting the "Grey nomads", linking directly to a dedicated COVID Safe Travels page on the WQPHN Website.  


WQPHN continued the successful roll-out of targeted vaccination clinics (pop-ups) across the region in 2021-22. A strong focus was on hard-to-reach populations, particularly First Nations peoples and remote communities with limited access to vaccinations.

Working in close collaboration with our health partners WQPHN coordinated schedules, vaccination locations and administration sites, and utilised the services of vaccination teams, directly funded by the Department of Health.

The COVID-19 Response team worked with Queensland Health clinical leads, Healthdirect, our ACCHS, GP’s and other stakeholders to develop and update community care pathways. These pathways provided clear plans for where and how patients were managed in the primary and community care system, depending on their clinical risk and severity of illness. Pathways also identified escalation arrangements for people who needed to be admitted to a virtual ward (hospital in the home) for more intense observation or admitted to hospital. 

As our Health Services continued the challenge of managing COVID-positive patients, WQPHN was able to support General Practices, ACCHSs, and Community Pharmacies across Western Queensland by supplying and distributing Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) to allow practitioners to safely continue their vital work.

During this period WQPHN distributed more than:

Surgical Masks
P2/N95 respirators
Pairs of Gloves
Isolation Gowns
Face Shields
Protective Goggles
Pulse Oximeters
Bottles of Hand Santiser

Our Stories

The steady achievers in 2021/22 have once again been the committed staff working in residential and community aged care. Throughout the added stress of COVID-19, they persevered through the hugely increased information flow from the sector, supporting their elderly frail residents with multiple vaccinations and the many lock downs that were so difficult for all involved.

In the words of Betty Kiernan, Director, Laura Johnson Home, “we’re still walking, we’re still on this journey” reflecting on her experience keeping the residents in Mount Isa safe.

Learn more about the COVID-19 experience from Betty Kiernan.

COVID-19 Campaign - Booster Shots

Our Stories...

headspace Roma 1st birthday

headspace Roma celebrated their first birthday on Wednesday May 4, 2022, with local crew and staff enjoying the celebrations, which included a great BBQ, cake, art workshops, games and a chill out zone.

Nukal Murra Virtual Home Monitoring

Chronic diseases are long-lasting, and while most are preventable and treatable, they cause approximately 64% of the disease burden among Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Peoples and approximately 80% of the mortality gap.

COVID-19 and Aged Care

The steady achievers in 2021/22 have once again been the committed staff working in residential and community aged care.

Telehealth and Digital Health

Nearly 23 per cent of homes in Western Queensland have no access to the internet - we need to invest in the digital infrastructure to support access to telehealth, online supports, and community, aged care and disability services.

Healthy Ageing Aged Care Roadshow

WQPHN collaborated with Mable to visit regional communities throughout Western Queensland to discuss options for community-led aged care services and provide workforce solutions for rural and remote areas.

​WiSE Mental Health & Telehealth

WQPHN has commissioned headspace National to provide the Wellbeing in Schools Early Intervention Telepsychiatry program (WiSE).