Data Management Program

Data Management Program


The purpose of the WQPHN Data Management Program is to:

  • Supply practices with tools and education to support Quality Improvement initiatives implemented in the practice
  • Develop and supply monthly data reports to the practice


The objectives of the WQPHN Data Management Program is to: 

  • Assist practices to meet accreditation standards
  • Supply the practice with data extraction tools and monthly data reports to assist with decision making and QI initiatives
  • Assist practices to clean the data in their Practice Management Systems (PMS)
  • Educate providers on how to enter data in Practice Management System (PSM) correctly
  • Work with practices to begin or expand their quality improvement programs within the practice


Criteria for a Practice to join the Program are: 

  • The practice’s management system must be compatible with the data extraction tool. System specifications must meet the requirements to install the data extraction tool. For operating system requirements or a list of compatible programs:
  • The practice and WQPHN sign the Practice Level Agreement including agreement from the practice to upload de-identified, aggregated data every month to PATCAT.
  • The practice agrees to begin a process to first clean and then improve their data quality
  • The practice agrees to discuss the monthly data report with their staff and work on one area to improve.

Cat 4 Plus

The Pen CS Clinical Audit Tool (CAT Plus Suite) is an extraction tool that takes a ‘snapshot’  of your clinical data and allows you to analyse that data.

The CAT4 Suite software provides excellent information that you can use to:

  • Improve the management of your business
  • Identify and target patients who are ‘at risk’ or have particular needs
  • Improve clinical data which, in turn, leads to better patient outcomes
  • Potentially increase practice revenue
  • Improve your disease and other registers
  • Improve data quality for accreditation preparation
  • Contribute to medical research