Digital Health

What is Digital Health?

Digital Health can be described as the way in which we use technology to prevent and treat disease, educate, research, and monitor health. In our context, digital health incorporates those digital priorities, platforms, and tools available to the primary healthcare workforce, and the education and training that is needed to embrace and embed them.
Evidence shows that Digital Health reduces preventable hospitalisations and adverse drug events, allows improved and informed clinical decision-making, reduces test duplication, and creates better coordination of care for people with complex, chronic health conditions.
The Western Queensland Primary Health Network supports one of Australia's most unique and diverse landscapes, covering over 55% of the total land area of Queensland. Embedding Digital Health principles and tools is especially essential if we are to stay connected and accomplish our collective goals. Digital Health can also play a significant role in improving health equity in our region by offering people the care they need when and where they need it.

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