Clinical Chapters

WQPHN- Clinical Chapters

Clinical Chapter groups have been established in each of the three regions forming the WQPHN footprint (North West, Central West and South West) with regular meetings taking place.  The Clinical Chapter is a voluntary, collaborative and responsive group for health care in the region.

All WQPHN Clinical Chapters include representation from a wide range of Clinicians (including GPs) and are Chaired by respective leaders from each region.

Functions of the Clinical Chapter:

  •  To maintain detailed knowledge and map of the health and community services and programs operating in the region
  •  Provide ongoing input and advice to the WQPHN Clinical Council on the health needs of the population of each region, including identified and emergent health issues at a local and regional level, service and system gaps and duplication
  •  Contribute to the development of local strategies to improve the operation of the health care system in each region, and the overall health care system in Western Queensland
  •  Contribute to the development of clinical care pathways that support patient centred care delivery and improved health outcomes
  •  Contribute to strategies to improve population health literacy
  •  Contribute to processes for the monitoring and review of health services and programs in meeting the needs of the (target) population.

Clinical Chapters update the Clinical Council which in turn update the WQPHN Board regarding the key issues affecting the region, contracted services, activity plans and upcoming opportunities for clinical input.