Our Strategies

Our Vision

Western Queenslanders experiencing better health

Our Goals

Improve the health of our population, and reduce inequalities
A population-based approach to commissioning with a strong reorientation from acute and episodic care towards prevention, self-care and greater coordination” 

Enhance patients’ and families’ access and experience of care
Recognising patients are arguably the greatest untapped resource in our catchment and their active engagement is a priority” 

Strengthen the capacity and capability of primary health care
“Enable a well-supported and qualified health workforce that promotes clinical leadership, teamwork and culturally informed clinical practice” 

Foster efficient and effective primary health care
“Supporting more integrated models of care that deliver more systematic and proactive management and prevention of chronic disease”

Our Strategies

  1. Integrating care
  2. The Western Queensland Health Care Home
  3. Closing the Gap
  4. Chronic disease management
  5. Child and family health
  6. Good governance