Healthy Outback Communities (HOC)

Healthy Outback Communities (HOC) is a new model of health and social care to improve health access, equity and outcomes for people living in remote Western Queensland.

Rolling out in Boulia, Diamantina and Barcoo Shires

Backed by the Bush. Powered by the People.

Together, we're bringing health and wellbeing back to the bush.

Engagement: Community and Personalised Wellbeing Plans to support residents as a whole and individuals for evidence-based visibility of local demand and service gaps.

Navigation: A Virtual Wellbeing Hub to provide clinical support, overcome issues of equity and access, and capture patient data and action plans in a single platform.

Access: A connected Wellbeing Workforce to build, embed and coordinate local knowledge and skills in the community.

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Western Queensland PHN's new health initiative (HOC) wins a National award - read the Media Release here


Together we can build a healthier future for Western Queensland.