QScript: Queensland's Real-Time Prescription Monitoring System

QScript is Queensland’s real-time prescription monitoring system, capturing information about monitored medicines to support clinical decision-making, encourage medicine safety, support collaborative care, and improve efficiency. This is important, as every 2 minutes an Australian is hospitalised because of prescription medicines. 

QScript is a read-only online system, designed to integrate with the everyday workflow of compatible prescribing software. The system notifies health practitioners to review a patient’s monitored medicine prescription history at the point of care. The data in QScript is collected automatically from Prescription Exchange Services (PESs) which support the transfer of electronic prescriptions and prescription information from medical clinics to pharmacies. When a prescription is issued at a medical clinic or dispensed at a pharmacy connected to a PES, the PES sends a record of the prescription to QScript in real time. 

Beginning 28 October 2021, relevant health professionals are required to check QScript for patient records before: 

  • Prescribing a monitored medicine
  • Dispensing a monitored medicine
  • Giving a treatment dose of a monitored medicine

Health practitioners can register for QScript at www.register.qscript.health.qld.gov.au. To complete the registration process, you will require your AHPRA number, date of birth, and a unique email address only accessible to you. 

QScript captures all schedule 8 medicines (e.g. opioids, alprazolam, nabiximols, dexamphetamine), and the following schedule 4 medicines: all benzodiazepines, codeine, gabapentin, pregabalin, quetiapine, tramadol, zolpidem, and zopiclone. 

Patients are not able to opt out of QScript and may have questions or concerns if notifications are triggered on their record. Health practitioners are encouraged to discuss the benefits, risks, and how to reduce the potential harms from their current medicines. Patients can also be reassured that only those health practitioners involved in their care are authorised to view their QScript record, and that patient searches are logged and can be audited to monitor inappropriate use. QScript display posters are available for pharmacies and medical practices


  • The QScript learning portal contains advice, clinical information, and legislative requirements. Continuing Professional Development (CPD) points are available.
  • WQPHN Digital Health Support: digitalhealth@wqphn.com.au
  • Monitored Medicines Unit: MMU@health.qld.gov.au
  • QScript Technical assistance: 13 78 46, select option #2 for technical assistance.