Western Queensland HealthPathways

WQ HealthPathways

Western Queensland PHN has partnered with our hospital and health services to develop Western Queensland HealthPathways.

HealthPathways is a web-based information portal with evidence-based information on the assessment and management of common clinical conditions, supporting primary care clinicians to plan patient care through primary, community and secondary health care systems.

Clinical and referral pathways agreed between primary and specialist services on how patients with particular conditions will be managed locally.

HealthPathways is designed to be used at the point of care, primarily for General Practitioners, but also for hospital specialists, nurses, allied health and other health professionals.  HealthPathways are constantly updated and reviewed in light of changing evidence, technology and local circumstances.

Access HealthPathways

Visit: https://wq.communityhealthpathways.org 

* New users will need to request login details

Contact us: wqhealthpathways@wqphn.com.au

WQ HealthPathways - presented by A/Prof Carl de Wet, Primary Care Clinical Lead, State Health Emergency Coordination Centre, Queensland Health

HealthPathways aims to:

  • encourage collaboration
  • improve the health experience
  • identify appropriate referral pathways
  • ensure correct pre-referral tests are completed
  • reduce the time patients spend on waiting lists
  • enhance the quality of referrals to minimise rejection
  • enhance clinical knowledge and promote best practice
  • ensure the right care, in the right place, at the right time.

Clinicians are invited to suggest new pathways and to provide feedback and advice on existing local pathways.

Using WQ HealthPathways – presented by Dr Karen Benn, GP St George and Clinical Editor, WQ HealthPathways