RFDS Outback Mental Health 5-part Webinar Series

Date: Nov 25, 2020 16:00:00

The free, live sessions will allow participants to connect with the RFDS Senior Mental Health Clinicians and Mental Health and Wellbeing Consultants on a range of interesting and informative topics.  A selection of downloadable resources will also be available to accompany the series.

Each webinar will begin at 4pm and run for 45 minutes with an opportunity to ask questions at the end.

25 November: “How to help yourselves and others manage reactions following traumatic events” presented by Cath Walker

Traumatic events are events or situations that have potential for serious injury or are life threatening. Examples include disasters, vehicle or work injuries, and pandemics. Following such events people may have difficulty coping or adjusting and experience strong feelings such as fear, guilt and numerous physical and psychological symptoms.

This session aims to increase:

  • Understanding normal reactions and effects of trauma following traumatic events;
  • People differ in the way they react;
  • What can assist recovery;
  • Helpful responses to distress (listening and talking);
  • When is extra help needed;
  • Where can you get extra help.