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There’s an efficient way to update the business details of GPs and other healthcare providers moving in and out of your practice. The free Provider Connect Australia™ (also known as PCA™), an initiative of the Australian Digital Health Agency, provides a single place to update your business information and services, which can automatically update your National Health Service Directory listing and your Primary Health Network.

PCA™ reduces data entry duplication and improves the accuracy and quality of healthcare service information. It lets you provide consistent, up-to-date information about healthcare services to funders, health service directories, communications services, and other key partners in your healthcare service delivery.

The use of PCA™ can significantly reduce the time spent updating business partners, ensures that updates are not missed, and reduces transcription errors that can occur with manual updates. PCA™ creates unique identifiers for healthcare services, service delivery locations and practitioners’ service delivery roles, allowing these to be reliably identified and linked across the healthcare system. These unique identifiers complement existing national identifiers for healthcare provider organisations and individuals.

You can self-register with Provider Connect Australia™ in your own time. Visit digitalhealth.gov.au/pca to find out how to register, access the pre-registration checklist and watch a video that explains the registration process.

Once registered, you can update your business information and it will automatically be sent to your registered business partners. This means you can maintain a single master copy of your organisation’s details and your chosen business partners will automatically receive any updates.

To date, more than 1,900 healthcare organisations across Australia are using PCA™ and a growing number of business partners are coming on board. The more business partners that come onboard, will ensure that PCA™ is a very valuable healthcare provider resource. Over time, business partners will include pathology and radiology services, public service directories, secure messaging providers, insurers and more.

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