Diabetes - Annual Cycle of Care

Diabetes Annual Cycle of Care

Completing a diabetes annual cycle of care can help to ensure a person with diabetes receives an organised approach to their care. The MBS outlines the minimum requirements to complete an annual cycle of care. Further information can be found here.

The cycle of care must be completed over a period of at least 11 months and up to 13 months and at a minimum must include:

The following webinars, developed by the WQPHN provide step-by-step instructions to assist healthcare professionals to accurately record the annual cycle of care in their practice software.

The WQPHN has also developed an Annual Cycle of Care booklet that can be utilised by people with diabetes to keep track of their diabetes checks. This can be accessed by clicking on the image below. Hard copies of the booklet are available from the WQPHN. Please get in touch with us to order these for your practice.

Click here for information on MBS Billing and the Annual Cycle of Care.