ASHM Webinar Series: Providing Care during COVID-19

Date: Dec 3, 2020 19:00:00

ASHM are delivering a webinar series exploring some of the key challenges and changes as we adapt to new ways of providing healthcare in Queensland.   ​ 

The focus of the series is on workplace reform, telehealth, new models of care and the impact on service provision during the COVID-19 pandemic. Expert speakers will discuss the variety of adaptations and Medicare changes that have been rolled out in response to COVID-19, how service provision has been reimagined across remote, regional and metro areas of Queensland, and the challenges faced by impacted communities. ​  ​ 

This series will also reflect on future challenges and opportunities, and the ongoing needs of the communities seeking care. 

This webinar series is for: Queensland healthcare providers and impacted communities. 

Hepatitis B and COVID-19​ 

05 November 2020, 7:00pm – 8.30pm (​​AEST) 

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Hepatitis C and COVID-19​ 

19 November 2020, 7:00pm – 8.30pm (​​AEST) 

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Sexual and Reproductive Health and COVID-19 ​ 

03 December 2020, 7:00pm – 8.30pm (​​AEST) 

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