Permanent Queensland residents who have been referred to a specialist medical service that is not available locally may be eligible for financial assistance as part of the Patient Travel Subsidy Scheme (PTSS).

The newly released materials for PTSS will now make it easier for patients and clinicians to apply by reducing the duplication of information required for each application. 

The three forms in the PTSS process for patients are:

  • Patient Registration (Form A) completed by the patient to register for PTSS, and only needs to be filled out once and if the patient’s details need updating.
  • Travel Referral (Form B) completed by the clinician and includes the patient’s referral as well as details on their travel requirements.
  • Appointment Attendance (Form C) completed by the patient’s treating specialist as confirmation the patient attended the appointment.

To improve the information available on PTSS to all users, a brochure and posters have been developed to raise awareness and understanding of the PTSS process.

PTSS Poster

PTSS Brochure

For more information on PTSS, including details on the process and contact details for Queensland Health facilities please visit or call 13 HEALTH (13 43 25 84)

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