Privacy Policy


  1. Western Queensland PHN (WQPHN) respects your privacy and is bound by the Commonwealth Privacy Act 1988.
  2. This statement sets out how WQPHN manages your personal or health information. For all personal information kept on record, WQPHN will take all reasonable steps to:
    • ensure that the information is accurate, complete and up -to-date;
    • protect the information from misuse, loss or unauthorised access or disclosure; and
    • provide individuals with access to their own personal information kept by the organisation.
    • store personal information securely with access limited to only those people necessary to manage and use the information according to this Privacy Statement

Collection of Information

  1. WQPHN collects only the personal or health information necessary to allow the organisation to provide products and services and maintain relationships with clients whose information they hold. WQPHN’s primary function is to assess and understand the health needs of the local region, and to engage service providers to provide health services within the local region.
  2. WQPHN may collect personal information such as names, addresses, email addresses, phone numbers, position details and other identifying information directly or indirectly to:
    • comply with legislative, regulatory and/or funding requirements;
    • conduct quality assurance, improvement, clinical audit and research activities in respect of the medical and allied health industry;
    • engage service providers to provide health services;
    • perform risk and probity checks in respect of contract management;
    • oversee and undertake performance management of service providers;
    • provide information about WQPHN products and services;
    • perform administrative operations, including accounting, payroll, risk management, record keeping, archiving, systems development and testing;
    • conduct marketing or client satisfaction research;
    • develop, establish and administer alliances and other arrangements with other organisations in relation to the promotion and use of related products and services;
    • develop and identify products and services that may interest clients and staff;
    • and tell clients about products and services that may be of interest to them.

  3. WQPHN will record e-mail addresses only after direct receipt of a message. E-mail addresses will not be added to a mailing list, unless they have been provided in order to subscribe to WQPHN’s mailing list.
  4. Where individuals subscribe to WQPHN publications, their details are added to the WQPHN contact database.
  5. Personal information collected by e-mail or electronic forms will be used only for the purpose for which it was provided and will not be disclosed without consent, except where authorised or required by law.
  6. Health information may be collected by WQPHN directly or indirectly from service providers engaged by WQPHN to provide health services, during the course of contract management.
  7. WQPHN also collects data to provide broad advice to the government and industry. Data is combined and general statistics are generated. WQPHN produces several publications and will also collect data to monitor the use of these publications.

Use and Disclosure

  1. WQPHN may use and disclose personal information to related companies, agents or contractors who provide products and services to WQPHN or on behalf of WQPHN. In dealing with these agents or contractors, WQPHN ensures that the information provided is used for the express purpose for which it is disclosed.
  2. Subject to law, the types of third parties WQPHN may disclose personal information to include:
    • WQPHN’s agents, contractors and external advisers;
    • other organisations with whom WQPHN has alliances or arrangements
    • for the purpose of promoting respective products and services;
    • Commonwealth and State government agencies and other funders; and
    • external payment systems operators.

  3. Health information will not be used for a secondary purpose unless the use or disclosure is required or authorised under law, a person has consented to the use or disclosure of their health information for the secondary purpose, for the use of research (de-identified data) or the use or disclosure is otherwise permitted by the Acts.

Management of Information

  1. WQPHN will take reasonable steps to ensure that its web environment, internal network and databases are protected from unauthorised access using current technologies.
  2. WQPHN will store personal and health information on secure servers that are protected in controlled facilities.


  1. Where it is lawful and practicable to do so, WQPHN will allow individuals to provide information anonymously.
  2. An individual who chooses to access the services of WQPHN anonymously will be advised of any potential consequences resulting from their decision.
  3. WQPHN will not preclude an individual from participating in the activities of the organisation, because they request anonymity.

Transborder Data Flows

  1. WQPHN will only transfer personal information about an individual to someone who is another State or foreign country if:
    • the individual consents to the transfer;
    • the recipient is bound by legislation that is substantially similar to the Privacy Act; or
    • WQPHN is reasonably sure that the information will not be held, used or
    • disclosed inconsistently with the privacy principles set out in the Privacy Act.

Access to Information

Individuals may request access to their own personal or health information held by WQPHN by writing to the Chief Executive Officer at WQPHN, PO Box 2791, Mount Isa, QLD 4825.

Complaints Handling

Any complaints in relation to WQPHN handling of personal information should be directed to the Chief Executive Officer.

Unless a complaint can be dealt with immediately to the satisfaction of both parties, WQPHN will provide a written response to the complaint within 30 days of the complaint being received.

If an individual believes the complaint has not been appropriately handled by WQPHN, they should contact the Office of the Federal Privacy Commissioner, Privacy Hotline 1300 363 992 (local call charge) or via or the Health Quality and Complaints Commission Phone (07) 3120 5999 or Free Call 1800 077 308 or via or