QI Incentive

Quality Improvement Incentive



Western Queensland PHN invites you to receive financial assistance to participate in Quality Improvement activities.  

Data Cleansing Activities could include but not limited to:

  • Archiving Inactive Patients based on the RACGP Standard ie. (An Active Patient is a patient who has visited the practice 3 times in the past 2 years).
  • Patient file duplication
  • Chronic Disease:  Registers – Diabetes, COPD, CVD
  • Chronic Disease:  Patient Current Medications
  • Chronic Disease:  Allergy Recording
  • Chronic Disease:  Clinical Coding

WQPHN will provide details of specific data cleansing activities and results will be monitored over 3 months.  Each practice will be supported by WQPHN through on-going face-to-face, telephone and email support and will also provide feedback of the improved results and identification of areas for further attention.

WQPHN requires the invited practices to:

  1. Sign a Contract with WQPHN to allow de-identified aggregated data sharing
  2. Commit to undertake specific data cleansing activities as identified by the practice in consultation with WQPHN
  3. Undertake these data cleansing activities over a 3 month period
  4. Submit de-identified aggregated data on a monthly basis
  5. Allocate one or more staff to undertake the successful completion of the activities
  6. Commence the data cleansing activities on a date determined by both parties


Primary Health Care Coordinator Details

Primary Care Team Lead

Natalie Kerrigan
E: natalie.kerrigan@wqphn.com.au
T: 0477 990 664

North West Region

Cameron Kratzing
E: cameron@wqphn.com.au 
T: 0456 888 266

Central West Region

Margaret Windsor
E: marg@wqphn.com.au 
T: 0456 001 974

South West Region

Dianne Sainty 
E: dianne@wqphn.com.au 
T: 0455 444 022

Rachel Vogelpoel
E: rachel.vogelpoel@wqphn.com.au
T: 0455 888 259