Infection Prevention & Control in Residential Aged Care Facilities

Infection Prevention & Control in Residential Aged Care Facilities 

Link to session 2: Recorded Tuesday 15 September 2020
One Hour Education Session
Educator: Margaret Jennings, Microbiologist
Presented by Western Queensland PHN for Residential Aged Care Facilities

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This is a recording of educator Margaret Jennings (MARJEN Education Services), a microbiologist based in Melbourne, providing an informal training session to Western Qld residential aged care staff groups on 15 September 2020.  Information specific to COVID-19 is provided. 
The recording is available until 20 October 2020.

Really observe and don’t just write Yes or No without checking. You won’t be surprised that no-one ever gets this 100% correct.

Margaret Jennings

If you have:
  • Specific questions you would like answered
  • Have examples of innovations your team have developed since COVID-19
  • Or have feedback to provide to Marg Jennings about the training
Please email to Kathleen.
Contact at WQPHN:
Kathleen O’Hara
Diabetes Program Manager
Western Queensland PHN
Ph: 0456 001789