Continual Professional Development

Continual Professional Development

Provider Networks

We are currently developing a database to send information to the following networks:

  • GP Networks
  • Practice Manager Network 
  • Nurse Network
  • Allied Health Network 
  • Indigenous Health Worker/Practitioner Network

To sign up for one or more of the following networks, please complete the fields below.

Sign up to a network

Please let the Coordinator - Primary Health Care Support for your region know if you have an interest in attending future network meetings. This will give us an indication of demand for networking groups in the WQPHN regions.

Primary Health Care Support

Primary Care Team Lead

Natalie Kerrigan
T: 0477 990 664

North West Region

Cameron Kratzing
T: 0456 888 266

Central West Region

Margaret Windsor
T: 0456 001 974

South West Region

Dianne Sainty 
T: 0455 444 022

Rachel Vogelpoel
T: 0455 888 259