Rare Diseases Webinars

Date: Nov 23, 2023 19:00:00
Fourth Thursday of the month (27 July, 24 August, 28 September, 26 October, 23 November)

Project ECHO

7:00pm - 8:00pm

All health professionals with an interest in rare disease are invited to be part of a Community of Clinical Learning Practice. This is part of the Department of Health funded Rare Disease Awareness, Education, Support and Training (RArEST) project:
This webinar series follows the Project ECHO model and provides high quality care to people living with a rare disease. An expert presenter will introduce a key topic, then explore it through a clinical case study. This is followed by reflective discussion that everyone is encouraged to join.
This has RACGP approval for five reviewing performance hours.
Anyone who is interested can register online and find out more.