Advanced Training in Suicide Prevention

Date: Oct 16, 2021 09:00:00

Black Dog Institute


6 hours Plus morning tea, lunch and afternoon tea

Program Outline

This workshop aims to increase health professionals’ skill and confidence in taking a detailed suicide history and developing a collaborative management plan to increase the safety of people planning suicide. It also provides practical tools for health professionals managing the full spectrum of suicide risk presentations including the acute suicidal crisis, care after a suicide attempt and assisting families experiencing suicide bereavement.


• 40 Accredited Activity CPD points (RACGP)
• 4 Performance review, 4 Educational Activity PRPD (ACRRM) 
• Mental Health CPD (GPMHSC)
• 1 MOPS point
• 6 hours CPD (Psychologists)

This workshop is eligible for one day of funding under the Emergency Medicine component of the Rural Procedural Grants Program (GPs)


Completion of predisposing activity

 Suitable for

GP Registrars, GPs, Multi-disciplinary, Psychologists, Social Workers, Other mental health professionals

 Topics Covered

Topic 1 – Suicide and Stigma
Topic 2 – The Suicidal Crisis
Topic 3 – Acute Management
Topic 4 – After the attempt
Topic 5 – Bereaved by Suicide

Learning Objectives

• Undertake a suicide risk assessment effectively

• Develop a collaborative safety plan

• Implement a team approach to treatment planning

• Provide effective management following a suicide attempt

• Respond to the needs of people bereaved by suicide

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