Commissioning for Better Health

Commissioning for Better Health

In 2018-19, WQPHN will be focusing its commissioning approach through the practical adoption of eight commissioning principles identified in the guide, Commissioning for Better Health

We will be working to maintain service continuity and to enable orientation to an integrated system that supports patient-centred care.

Whilst we hope to expand provider networks, our main priority will be to position current WQPHN commissioned service providers at the heart of a more efficient and contemporary primary health care program in the region.

I encourage you to refer to the Commissioning for Better Health guide and discover the principles that are guiding our approach.

Eight principles to commission for better health:

    1. Support Western Queensland’s Health Care Home model of care
    2. Applied health intelligence to support evidence-informed approaches
    3. Deliver culturally appropriate services to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples
    4. Active stakeholder collaboration in planning and evaluation
    5. Optimise self-management and consumer engagement
    6. Promote clinical leadership
    7. Support innovation, partnerships and value
    8. Place-based approaches.